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 Hydraulic actuators (1.7 MB)

 Quick closing valves (1.2 MB)

New !

Hydraulic actuators

Our new hydraulic rotary actuators for 90°-quarter turn valves are designed by our own construction department and manufactured on our own. They are build for a long lifetime and maintenance-free operation.


The main advantages are:


• compact design

• constant torque-output

• modular design allows upgrade

   from hydraulic-acting to spring-acting

   and reverse

• various installation positions

• adjustable stroke limit

• no damage to oil pipes due to

   internal system piping

• same hydraulic connection over whole type series

• same hydraulic-control blocks for all sizes

• combined flanges acc. to ISO 5211

• NAMUR-connection for installation of all common limit switches /

   position indicators

• free shaft connection (customer related)

• emergency handoperation (mechanical) or through additional

   handpump via quick coupling

• torque range from 100 Nm up to 8.000 Nm


Furthermore our hydraulic actuators are available in following special designs:


• with limit switch boxes: e.g. IP67, IP68, Ex

• spring closed / spring opened

• with emergency handoperation by intermediate gear box

• with application-specific control blocks

• with connection for emergency handpump

• separate installation of the control block

• operation in medium

• antimagnetic design


Hydraulic pump unit station

New generation of hydraulic pump unit station ! 


New is our hydraulic pump unit station in stainless steel, which is suitable for the releasing from up to 6 quick closing- or quick opening valves.


New design:

  • Investment casting- and laser cut components compared to old cast iron version.
  • Corrosion-free due to the new composite materials. Varnishing is not necessary.
  • User-friendly due to an enlarged oil-filling hole.
  • Yacht construction suitably due to lightweight 
  •      design and polishability of the components.
  • Suitable for tandem function by a common tank.  
  • Synchronous releasing is possible from up to 6 quick closing valves.

Wireless remote control for monitors

Our electrical monitors can be controlled also by a wireless remote control.


One or more monitors and the related valves can be operated by the water- and shock-restitant remote control in the desired position.


With a optional SPS (Control system) are following addional features are possible:

• reference point configuration

• range/target adjustment 

• define sequences

• park positions


On your request, we will be pleased to send you a detailed overview of the entire product range with all technical details on dimensions, connections and materials.


Please contact us !