ANSI Class 150

ANSI B16.10

ANSI B 16.10



acc. to ANSI

ANSI-Stop valve

ANSI-Stop valves

ANSI Globe valve

ANSI Globe valves



ANSI Screw-down stop and check valve

ANSI Screw-down stop and check valves

ANSI Ball valve

ANSI Ball valves

ANSI-Outboard valve

ANSI outboard valves

ANSI-Safety valve

ANSI-safety valves



ANSI-Gate valve

ANSI-Gate valves

ANSI-Quick closing valve

ANSI-Quick closing valves

ANSI-Self closing valve

ANSI-Self closing valves

ANSI self closing valve, spring loaded

ANSI self closing valves, spring loaded




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 ANSI valves (1.3 MB)


ANSI globe valve made of gunmetal

As manufacturer from valves for shipbuilding and industry we also offer ANSI Valves.


Following types of valves with face-to-face accordance to ANSI are available:
• ANSI stop valve

• ANSI globe valve

• ANSI check valve

• ANSI ball valve

• ANSI outboard valve

• ANSI safety valve
• ANSI strainer
• ANSI gate valve

• ANSI quick closing valve

• ANSI self closing valve


• face-to-face acc. to ANSI B16.10

• straight type or angle type

• flange dimensions acc. to ANSI 150 lbs
• nominal diameters from DN 15 up to DN 150

• working pressure acc. to Class 150

• working temperature max. 225°C

• material: Rg 5, Rg 10, Gbz 10 or AlBz

• with hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuator

• Further special designs are possible as e.g. with limit switches or

   with indicator


Our ANSI-Valves are suitable for gaseous or liquid mediums in oil-, air-,

gas- and watersystems also used in the chemical industry.


You can order our ANSI-valves also approved by:

• Lloyds Register



• BV


Of course, you can get all types of our valves from our product range e.g. our butterfly valves with flanges acc. to ANSI drilled to assemble with pipes acc. to ANSI requirements.


You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


A lot of special designs are possible. Please ask us !