Fire fighting equipment

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fire extinguisher


landing valve

landing valves

hose pressure regulator valve 

hose pressure regulator valves

delta pressure valve for fire fighting

delta pressure valves for fire fighting



branch pipe

branch pipes

multipurpose branch pipe

multipurpose branch pipes

jet branch pipe

jet branch pipes

building supply fitting

vent valve


foam water monitor

foam/ water monitor

fire hydrant reducing valve

hydrant reducing valve

BS 336 coupling

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Fire fighting valves

Göpfert AG is producing a wide range of fire fighting valves. Here an overview of our fire fighting valves:


Typ Norm
Int. Fire-shore connection DIN 86201
Shipbuilding - filling connection ISO 5620
Flange for internationally unified connection Marpol DIN 86285
Sewage system on ships Marpol DIN 86282
Landing valve DIN 14461
Vent valve DIN 14462
Building supply valve DIN 14461
Couplings Barcelona; Gost; Guillemin; Instantaneous BS 336 coupling; Machino; Nakajima; NOR; Nunan and Stove; Rotta; SFS; SMS; Storz; Suction Hose BS 336; UNI; US Standard NST
Mounting nuts  
suction strainer DIN 14362
Inline foam liquid inductor DIN 14384
pick-up hose DIN 14819
Landing valve DIN 86211; with bolted bonnet; with diaphragm; Typ WFB, with screwed bonnet; BS 5041; US- Standard; BS 5041
Hose pressure regulate valve  
Hydrant reducing valve  
Fire hydrant reducing valve  
Foam/ water monitor MX2000  
Jet branch pipe  
multipurpose branch pipe DIN 14365-M; DIN 14365-MM; UNIFIRE-V
multipurpose nozzle System Stein; Fyrex-Düse; UNIFIRE-V
Diving breeching valve with/without stop function; DIN 14345
collecting breeching valve without stop function; DIN 14355