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..... also available:

Hose pressure regulator valve PN20 type 09/05

straight through DN 65

Inlet: Clamp coupling DN 65

Outlet: Storz 65 adaptor with cap 

and pressure relief hole and chain

gunmetal/SoMs 59/Ms 58

Hose pressure regulator valve BS 5041 DN 65 PN20

Oblique-pattern 45° with stop function

inlet: flange 3" ANSI 300 lbs ff

outlet: Instantaneous BS 336 female 2 1/2" adaptor

with cap and stainless steel chain

gunmetal / SoMs 59 / gunmetal


Further designs are possible .....  Opens window for sending emailplease ask us !


 PRV (3.2 MB)

Fire hydrant reducing valve with limit switch

Picture from fire hydrant reducing valve bib-nose 30° with Storz coupling and limit switch

Now our fire hydrant reducing valves / hose pressure regulator valves are also available with limit switches.


The new main advantages are:


• safety control of close position from a switch room or signal installation

• switch type IP65

• switch type opening or close function possible

• design in non corroding material combination


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