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Göpfert AG is producing a wide range of different valves. Here an overview of our product range:

Type Norm
Stop valves, flanged DIN 86251; DIN 86260
SDNR valves, flanged DIN 86252; DIN 86261
Check valves, flanged DIN 86253; DIN 86262
Outboard valves, flanged  
Gate valves, flanged DIN 3352; DIN 86720
Bronze gate valve  
Gate valves, screwed ends DIN 3352
Plug valves, flanged  
Cocks, screwed ends  
Sounding cocks acc. to DIN 86120  
Bent locking nose cock DIN 87003
Cocks DIN 87020
Ball valves, flanged  
Ball valves, screwed ends  
Sandwich - check valve  
Dual plate check valve  
Butterfly valves  
Butterfly valves double flange type  
tilting disc check valve  
dual disc check valve  
Storm valve DIN 87101 and Typ HNA
Deckplates DIN 8611; DIN 86112; DIN 86113; DIN 86114; DIN 86115
Plug screws DIN 86129
Screw-caps DIN 86121
Male unions DIN 86140
Union nuts DIN 86147
Soldering socket DIN 86148
Fluid level indicator, flanged  
Fluid level indicator, mail thread  
Self closing valves, spring- and weight-loaded  
Diaphragm valves, flanged and screwed ends  
Union connection valves DIN 86501; DIN 86511; DIN 86512; DIN 86551; DIN 86552
Stop valves, screwed ends DIN 3844
SDNR-valves, screwed ends DIN 3845
Handwheels DIN 390; DIN 3319; DIN 3320
Wrenches for cocks DIN 3521
Blindflanges DIN 2527; DIN 2566; DIN 86033; DIN 2642
Quick closing valve  
Quick opening valve  
Sos valves  
seawater valve  
non ferrous valve  
aluminium bronze valves  
offshore valves  
ansi globe valve  
ansi ball valve  
wafer type ball valve