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 ANSI valves (539 KB)

 Ball valves (996 KB)

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 Chain gear (700 KB)

 Check valves (234 KB)

 CuAl valves (630 KB)

 Fire fighting equipment (1003 KB)

 High pressure valves (1000 KB)

 Hose pressure regulator valves (633 KB)

 Hydraulic part-turn actuator (229 KB)

 Mechanical remote controls (1.3 MB)

 Foam water monitors (1.5 MB)

 Pneumatic valves (1.3 MB)

 Quick closing valves (1.8 MB)

 Sandwich check valves (632 KB)

 Valves with clamp coupling (474 KB)




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Butterfly valves
ANSI valves
CuAl valves



High pressure valves
Hydraulic part-turn actuators
Fire fighting equipment



Chain wheels
Ball valves
Remote controls



Foam water monitors
Pneumatic valves
Check valves



Sandwich check valves
Fire hydrant reducing valves
Valve with clamp coupling



Quick closing valves