Butterfly valve

Butterfly valves

High performance butterfly valve

High performance butterfly valves

double flanged type

balanced disk

balanced disc

isolation flap

butterfly valve double flanged

storm valve

aluminium bronze valves

aluminium bronze valve

quarter turn valve

quarter turn valves

quarter-turn valve

quarter-turn valves



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 Butterfly valves (1.3 MB)


Absperrklappe Lug-type PN16 DN 150 mit vulkanisierter NBR-Dichtung, Betriebsdruck 10 bar mit einfachwirkendem Hydraulik-Antrieb, federschließend, mit elektro-hydraulischer Druckeinheit, mit Schnellkupplung für Nothandpumpe und 2 Endschalter im Schutzgehäuse IP67, mit optischer Stellungsanzeige, GGG 40 / AlBz / 1.4057

Current supply for new building project

Further designs are possible .....  Opens window for sending emailplease ask us !


..... also available:

Double flanged butterfly valve DN 500

with single acting pneumatic actuator

with manual emergency hand operation

by intermediate gear box

with 2 limit switches open/close

NBR vulcanised to the seatring (back seated)

GGG 40.3/AlBz/stainless steel


many different designs are possible .....  Opens window for sending emailplease ask us !

Butterfly valves for ferries

For two new built ferries the Göpfert AG provided 92 pcs. of these butterfly valves in the size DN 50 up to DN 200:


Butterfly valves lug-type PN16

• back seated

• working pressure 10 bar

• with single acting hydraulic actuator,

   spring closed

• with electro-hydraulic local pressure

   unit (LPU)

• with quick coupling for emergency

   hand pump

• with 2 limit switches in protected body


• with optical position indicator

• Material: GGG 40 / AlBz / 1.4057

Butterfly valves

Our butterfly valves are designed for assembly between flanges acc. to DIN, ANSI or JIS. They are absolutely tight with flow in both directions and needs only a few space for mounting in a pipe line.


Our butterfly valves are designed for use up to 10 resp. 16 bar, our high performance butterfly valves up to 25 bar and they are available as cast iron valves, nodular cast iron valves, cast steel valves, bronze valves and aluminium bronze valves with discs material stainless steel or bronze for pipes from DN 40 up to DN 600.


You can order our butterfly valves in the following designs:
• as wafer type or lug type butterfly valves with replaceable liner

   vulcanised to a back ring
• as double flanged type butterfly valves with seat vulcanised to the body
• as high performance butterfly valves with sealing ring, double eccentric
• with lever
• with lever and locking device
• with vertical or horizontal gear box
• with bare shaft
• with indicator
• with optical indicator
• with limit switches
• metal/metal sealing / fire-safe
• "pin-less" design


Furthermore our butterfly valves are available with following actuators for remote operation:
• pneumatic actuators double acting or spring return
• hydraulic actuators incl. hand pump station for remote control
• electric actuators


You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


 Opens window for sending emailPlease ask us !