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..... also available:

Mud-box DIN 87151 straight type

inside overlaid with gauze mesh 50 in 1.4401

with differential pressure gauge 0-0,6 bar

with venting valve DIN 86545 and with drain plug



further designs are possible -  Opens window for sending emailask us !

Mud-box DIN 87151 straight type DN 400 with air vent
gunmetal / stainless steel


further designs are possible .....  ask us !

Mud box DIN 87151

Mud box DIN 87151 with nonvolatile hinged bolts material gunmetal

New in our product range is our mud-box acc. to DIN 87151 made of gunmetal.

Our mud-boxes are available for use in suction pipes for cooling water and bilge systems.


You can order our mud boxes in following designs:

• straight or angle type

• dimensions from DN 40 up to DN 150

• with nonvolatile hinged bolts

• with filter material stainless steel

• with nominal pressure PN 4 /

   from DN 150 PN 2,5


On request you can get our mud-boxes also in following designs:

• material cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel

• other filter materials

• flange connection acc. to ANSI, JIS

• with vent cock

• with differential pressure gauge


You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


 Please ask us !