Float valves / Self closing valves

Float valves

Our float valves with female screwed ends BGV 312622 made of gunmetal (Rg 5) with float ball in copper will be closed when the ball float. The stem sealed with U-pap

Product features:
• Nominal diameter from DN 15 (R 1/2") up to DN 50 (R 2")
• Nominal pressure:
   up to DN 25  PN12
   up to DN 50  PN 7

On request our float valves are also available in Rg 10 or Gbz 10.

Self closing valves

Self closing valves are mainly used for drainage of tanks.

• Self closing valves, flanged
       - spring loaded (with and without
          blocking device)
       - weight loaded
• Self closing valves, flanged with
   lever and weight
• Self closing valves, flanged with
   push button
• Self closing valves, female screwed ends
• Spring push taps

Product features:
• Nominal diameters from DN 15 up to DN 100
• Straight type and angle type
• Material:
       - Gunmetal with innerparts stainless steel
       - Nodular cast iron with innerparts stainless steel
       - Cast steel with innerparts stainless steel
       - Steel with innerparts stainless steel
       - Brass
       - Gunmetal with innerparts SoMs 59

You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?

Please ask us !  We are pleased to help you.


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... also available:

Flushing valve BGV 314022
DN 32 female spring loaded
with pedal

Self closing valve BGV 357321
inlet: flange
outlet: female thread