Hose pressure regulator valves

Hose pressure regulator valves with shut-down

Our hose pressure regulator valve combines the properties of a landing valve and a direct-acting pressure control valve in a common fitting. The hose pressure regulating valve protects the fire crews from critical overpressures in fire hoses and thus enables safe handling during use.

Our hose pressure regulator valves have a type approval from the American Bureau of Shipping ABS.

Possible areas of application are:
• main fire extinguishing systems in high
   rise buildings (hotels)
• tunnel facilities
• high pressure systems on refineries /
   offshore installations
• petroleum refineries and chemical plants
• for different pressure requirements from
   the operation of stationary monitors
• large main water supply networks with high loss of pressure
• pipe systems with low pressure due to the pump characteristics
• on "Floating production, storage and off-loading" FPSO facilities and
   FPSO ships

Product features / versions:
• nominal size DN 50 and DN 65
• nominal pressure PN20
• straight type, bib-nose 30°, oblique-pattern 45°, and right-angle 90°
• adjustable outlet pressure: 3 bar to 10 bar
• materials: Rg 5, Gbz 10, CuAl10 Ni and low-lead gunmetal CC499K
   (for drinking water)
• with stop function or without stop function, fixed adjustable
• inlet with optional connection:
    -  flange
    -  female thread, also swivel
    -  male thread available outside with all coupling systems:
        Storz, Guillemin, Inst. BS 336, Gost. NST, NOR, SMS etc.

The design of our hose pressure regulating valves meets the requirements and needs of modern fire protection technology and ensures constant fire extinguishing pressure at every hydrant in fire protection systems, regardless of the location in the system.

Our hose pressure regulating valves are available in a large variety of designs.

Hose pressure regulator valves with limit switch

Our hose pressure regulator valves / fire hydrant reducing valves (PR valves) are also available with limit switches.

The new main advantages are:
• safety control of close position from
   a switch room or signal installation
• switch type IP65
• switch type opening or close function
• design in non corroding material

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... also available:

Hose pressure regulator valve PN20 type 09/05
bib-nose 30° DN 65
made of aluminium bronze
for extreme working conditions

inlet: flange 2 1/2 " ANSI 150 lbs ff
outlet: Instant. BS 336 female 2 1/2" adaptor
with cap and stainless-steel-chain
CuAl10 Ni


Hose pressure regulator valve PN20 type 09/05
straight through DN 65
Inlet: Clamp coupling DN 65
Outlet: Storz 65 adaptor with cap
and pressure relief hole and chain
gunmetal / SoMs 59 / Ms 58


Hose pressure regulator valve BS 5041 DN 65 PN20
Oblique-pattern 45° with stop function
inlet: flange 3" ANSI 300 lbs ff
outlet: Instantaneous BS 336 female 2 1/2" adaptor
with cap and stainless steel chain
gunmetal / SoMs 59 / gunmetal

Further designs are possible ..... please ask us !