Foam water monitor

Foam water monitor MX2000 / MX2000E

The Minimax foam water monitor MX2000 is a fixed installed device which has been successfully used when fighting large area fires.

Raffeneries, feruse combustions plant, chemical industry, aircraft maintance hangars, fuel depots, port facilities, tanker and container ships, fire fighting boats, oil platforms are possible range of applications.

Since february 2006 our foam water monitor MX2000 get the approvals acc. to SOLAS 1971 Fire Safety Systems Code Chapter 14 by Bureau Veritas and Lloyds Register.

The MX2000 effectively fight classes A and B fires from a safe distance. Furthermore, the monitors can be used for cleaning of fuel-oil equipment and defence against pirates.
The operating of ease action of the Minimax foam water monitor is carried out manually using handwheels respectively electrically or hydraulically using installed drives.
The foam water monitor MX2000 is self locking at all positions of its rotation and elevation range within its operation areas, corresponding to requirements.

MX2000-monitors can be equipped optionally with water jet pipes for pure water application respectively with foam water jet pipes or special nozzles for alternate foam or water use.
The distance and height of jet throw is determined by the type and version of the jet pipes and nozzles as well as the operating pressure, the discharge and diameter (see chapter 9, 10).
The foam water monitor MX2000 is made of gunmetal (Rg 5) / bronze generally. Stainless steel is used for the operating and connection elements. Application of these high-quality materials ensures a very long working life of this device in nearly every type of atmosphere.
The operation of easy action of our foam water monitor is guaranteed by ball bearings integrated in housing and sealed with O-rings as well as the vertical and horizontal worm drive.

The series raised paint coating improved the high corrosion-resistant of the used materials.
The Minimax foam water monitor MX2000 is delivered in red colour (RAL 3000) with the exception of the control elements. However, if required, the paint coating in other RAL colours can be delivered.

Wireless remote control for monitors

Our electrical foam-/water-monitors MX2000E can be controlled also by a wireless remote control.

One or more monitors and the related valves can be operated by the water- and shock-restitant remote control in the desired position.

With a optional SPS (Control system) are following addional features are possible:
• reference point configuration
• range/target adjustment 
• define sequences
• park positions

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Wireless remote control for our electric foam water monitors MX2000E

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