Sandwich check valves

Our Sandwich check valves for fastening between flanges are available in optimized design.
Caused by the new constructed fixture from the flap they are in higher performance and provide a better function.

• small total length
• low weight
• tight closing at low difference pressure
• after utilization the elasticity of O-ring remains tightness metal/metal
• standard equipment with adjustment for flap
• eye bolt
• for fastening between flanges acc. to DIN
• universal application for gaseous or liquid mediums, in oil-, air-, gas-
   and water systems also used in the chemical industry
• available in the material bronze, steel and AlBz with flap material
   alumium bronze (CuAl), steel and stainless steel
• available with and without spring

Technical data:
• Nominal diameter:  DN   40 up to DN 500
• Working pressure:  DN   40 up to DN 200   PN16
                                  DN 250 up to DN 300   PN10 / 16
                                  DN 350 up to DN 500   PN10
• Betriebstemperaturen: NBR:   -40°C up to +100°C
                                        FKM:   -30°C up to +200°C
                                        PTFE:  -50°C up to +260°C

Special designs:
• metal/metal sealing
• for fasteing between flanges acc. to ANSI, JIS

You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?

Please ask us !  We are pleased to help you.


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... also available:

Sandwich check valves for fastening between flanges
material: stainless steel

Many designs are possible - ask us !

Sandwich check valves with spring for fastening between flanges, material: Gbz

Many designs are possible - ask us !